Discover the highest potential energies within you and help yourself to achieve it through intensive and integrated Yogatheopathy spiritual science under the direct blissful divine guidance of the Enlightened Yogi Guru & perfect spiritual master.

Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden

opportunity + to be Free from all the types of diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR over all

 the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE Enlightenment for all the PERSONS.

    Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious yogi    

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


   Expected Your Participation and Co-operation With Us    h

The "Yoga  Health Research Institute", Bhopal, M. P. (India) is a non-profitable, charitable, spiritual and social non-Govt. organization spreading complete Health solution (at physical, psychosomatic and psychological level), Happiness (at mental and emotional level), Knowledge (at intellectual and intuitive level), Peace (at spiritual and cosmic level), and  moral discipline & behavior (at personal and social level) in everyday life for common persons. The basic guideline of Yoga Health Research Institute is to conduct integrated & intensive super qualitative "Yogatheopathic Transmission Therapy" camps, create divine yogatheopathy awareness, spread word of ancient Indian cultural philosophy to the whole humanity, and build a team of spiritually motivated, perfect, selfless & unselfish, smart and dedicated volunteers for the global societies & mankinds.

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    Founder & President  :  Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati ji

   Vice President :  Saint Nirvana Bodhi

   Secretary :  Mr. Vijay Kumar Barasar

   Joint - Secretary :  Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

   Treasurer :  Mr. Ranvijay Singh

   Convener:  Mr. Subhash Chandra Bansal

  Media Director :   Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati


Help us to Help You


    Your individual or organizational ( Govt. or Non-Govt. ) honorable involvement in the Divine Yogatheopathy Science relevant welfare programmes & activities of the "Global Yogatheopathy Medical Foundation" and "Yoga Health Research Institute" can take various creative cultural, scientific, spiritual and historical unique forms like : -------------

     Formally joining the Mission / institute for full or part-time traditional yogatheopathy science based • general health management,• therapeutic health solution & treatment for diseases and • spiritual perfection & enlightenment related intensive practical training courses and camps.

     Performing voluntary services full time / part time as a karma-yogi (selfless spiritual and social worker) or Sannyasi (Ascetic / life-devotee & unselfish spiritual and social worker) in the following fields are as :---

 (a)  Spiritualism and Health : yoga-demonstration, teaching, preaching, training, therapeutic health treatment and spiritual Enlightenment Sadhana relevant invaluable practical training programmes on our complete personality based various aspects of integrated yogatheopathy spiritual science.

 (b)  Mission Publications : Writing, editing, scripting, audio and video recording, and printing to our quarterly magazine and  research oriented  yogatheopathy based various other pamphlets, text-books, literatures, etc. 

 (c)  Therapeutic Research : Participating as a integrated yogatheopathy therapeutic and / or modern medical research scholar for authentic evaluation by the • latest medical scientific diagnosis, clinical investigations, treatment plan, regular observation, clinical check-up and  prognosis assessment of the yoga students, aspirants, trainees, patients & practitioners, etc.

 (d)  Electronic Media welfare : Participating to Integrated yogatheopathy science based perfect management of complete health, assure treatment for various diseases and spiritual perfection, enlightenment & self-realization relevant mega T. V. serials and Tele-films production, Telecast management, and concerning professional various training programs like: • scripting, screen play writing, direction, acting, music and dance etc.

 (e)  Relief Work : Helping and assisting as a karma-yogi (selfless, egoless & unselfish social worker) for various charitable relief work on emergencies period like: earthquakes, floods, famines, epidemics, other accidents, fires, riots etc.

    Donation of land and / or construction material for establishment of Yogashrams (Guru's residential yoga training campus) cum Yogatheopathic-Hospital for spiritual pursuits, medical solution complex and various charitable & welfare relevant purposes / activities etc.

    Donation of flats / building / land / farm-house for yogatheopathy Medical centers, where different types of integrated yogatheopathy spiritual courses and camps training programs for • general health improvement, spiritual progress and • yogatheopathy medical treatment purposes activities can be conducted & implemented regularly or time to time for the interested general publics and yoga-participants.

    Donation of latest medical diagnostic equipments to monitor the progress of both yoga practitioners and patients being treated by integrated and intensive yogatheopathy divine Para-scientific technological methods properly and regularly throughout years.

    Sponsorship and / or collaboration, and / or organization of intensive & integrated yogatheopathy science based practical training courses and camps in various cities and countries.

    Erection and resurrection of religious, spiritual, cultural and ancient historical edifices.

    Donation and contribution of money to finance / invest / sponsor / help the welfare and charitable our creative divine Integrated Yogatheopathy sciences relevant various projects & schemes such as : -----------

                                   Yogatheopathy Therapeutic Research Project
                       ¸              Electronic Media Activities Project of Divyadarshan
                       G             Yoga Hospital Cum Medical Research Centre Project 

of the "Global Yogatheopathy Medical Foundation" and "Yoga Health Research Institute". Mode of payment is either  Cash / Cheque / Bank Draft / Demand Draft or Credit card in the favor of our  “YOGA HEALTH RESEARCH INSTITUTE”, payable to State Bank of India at New Delhi / Bhopal, M. P., India.

       Note : Interested societies, institutions, organizations, farms & company, and individuals who wish to invite the Mission or Institute for conducting specific Applied Integrated Yogatheopathy spiritual science based Therapeutic Health Treatment and Spiritual Enlightenment Sadhana Training Camps programmes for a few weeks / months in their respective countries and cities ; may get in touch with the Mission / Institute at the address given below  : --------------



Central-Branch : Yogatheopathic Para-Medicare, E-178-179, Lower Ground Floor, Surya Appt. (Opp. Anand Public School), Durga Mandir Road, Pandav Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, (Near N. H.-24), New Delhi-91, India.

' 91 - 011 - 22756551,  9267974971,  9540535448

E-mail    and    and

                                                Skype   &  Google  Net - Talk ID    Shivapoojananda

Copyright © “GLOBAL YOGATHEOPATHY MEDICAL FOUNDATION” and “YOGA  HEALTH  RESEARCH  INSTITUTE” having All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior  written permission of our Mission / Institute. Recognized as a health educational welfare & charitable society  by Government of Delhi & Government of M. P., India. Regt. No. . . .and 23061 / 1989.    


become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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